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1 definition by Toastie-Chan

X-Japan originally formed in 1982 as X. It was made up of Toshi on vocals, and Yoshiki on drums. In 1987, hide joined on guitar, Pata on guitar, and Taiji on bass (he was later replaced with Heath). They were one of Japan's first Visual bands, and one of the most popular. In 1992, Taiji left to be replaced by Heath, and they renamed themselves X-Japan. In 1994, hide still remained in X-Japan, but went solo. In 1997, X-Japan sadly disbanded. In 1998, hide died of suicide.
Yumi: "Did you get X-Japan's new mini-album yet?"
Tsuki: "You mean Art of Life? Yeah, I love it! One 30 minute song!"
by Toastie-Chan March 19, 2005