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The expression "that tree is far away" is used in situations to express that the last statement made by that speaker is irrelevant and unimportant information that can be ignored, rather than repeated. It's best used as a reply when a person mumbles something, an accompanying individual cannot understand and asks for them to re-say their last line, only to be told "that tree is far away," indicating that what they originally spoke was not worth repeating.

It's derived from a Mitch Hedberg comedy act:
"I mumble a lot on stage, I'm a mumblerer. But sometimes what I mumble is some insignificant shit. Like I'll be walking down the street with my friend, and I will have said something, but he didn't hear me, so he says "What!?" SO I'll say it again, and again he had not heard me, so he'd say, "What!?" And now by this time I am yelling "That tree is very far away!"
Two people are walking to the subway...
Person A: (mumbles) Smells like popcorn in here
Person B: What?
Person A: Nothing
Person B: ???
Person A: That tree is far away
by ToastedZergling3 May 04, 2009
A cuddly trap is when an individual (or possibly more) ensnares a friendly partner in intimate embrace playfully not allowing them to do another low priority activity.
I was going to grab a glass of water but my boyfriend caught me in a cuddly trap on the couch for a half hour.
by ToastedZergling3 February 02, 2012

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