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3 definitions by ToDDMaN

A really stupid person who like celebrates Hannukah on Christmas, and sells door to door girl scout cookies, singing stupid ass theme songs like fucking Scooby Doo. This sort of person gets beat up (sometimes) but never on Sundays since thats the holy day. This type of person never has a house or anything, and doesn't even like to plant trees or sharpen pencils, and is just a big fuck.
Man that little albino kid just raped my dog, what a fucking assmongrel!
by ToDDMaN June 10, 2003
11 9
Its sort of what PJ does to his mother. It involves both legs of the female wrapped around the other person (the dude), with hardcore-style pelvic thrusts from both people, who make a sound like AGUHHHHHHH!! Like a kraken.
Oh damn! PJ give me that asskraken! Ohh yes!
by ToDDMaN June 10, 2003
2 6
A group of large lesbian type woman which have fat hanging over their faces and hands, who like to stroke each other especially in their god given places to do the bad. sort of like assmongrels.
When I hit 300 pounds, I'm going to run for president of the muffin club.
by ToDDMaN June 10, 2003
4 12