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Thing that completely and utterly sucks in life. You feel like total shit when you refer to something as tits on a burning tit rod. You never feel worse than when when you say this. It's the worse possible scenario. When someone says "tits on a burning tit rod" it obviously means you fucked some major shit up that needs to be fixed!
Tits on a burning tit rod, i fucked up so much shit I don't know what to do!
#tits #rods #burning #shit #fire
by Tits2622 December 06, 2009
Something you say when you're utterly surprised or when something unexpected come up. It is the best phrase when you can't believe something just happened or when there are no other words to describe something.
Oh my titting lord, why did you sleep with that chick last night?
#tits #buring #rods #oh #my
by Tits2622 December 17, 2009
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