2 definitions by Titless Cher

1. When you start to poop a solid turd and then a massive explosion of diarrhea shoots out...kind of like a bomb.

2. Shitball can also be used in a burst of exasperation.
1. Friend 1: Man this bathroom smells like poo

Friend 2: Yeah I wouldn't recommend going in the first stall...that Taco Bell last night really gave me a shitball.

2. Shitball! I just cut my finger!
by Titless Cher October 31, 2008
A large tuft of man hair on the chest that unfortunately grows in the formation of a 1970's tuxedo shirt. Most commonly used in code to make fun of someone with excessive body hair.
1. That is the hottest hairy tuxedo I have ever seen!
2. That guy doesn't even need a shirt. He could just rock that hairy tuxedo.
by Titless Cher November 01, 2008

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