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What Americans use to pwn everybody who isn't American.
Terrorist: Oh no its the Air Force they are going to pwn me
by Titanium Benj June 13, 2010
A language spoken by the klingons from star trek and also by trekies and nerds who have spent endless hours wasting there time studying it
Do you know klingon?


Wow you are such a nerd
by Titanium Benj May 24, 2010
a person who can never do anything right

what the letter grade F stands for on a test

usually named benj
wow that kid is such a fail he cant even tie his shoes
by Titanium Benj May 25, 2010
a fail that is worse than a normal fail
wow that kid just failed

no that was definitely an epic fail
by Titanium Benj May 25, 2010
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