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5 definitions by Titanium

1. To get shafted; fucked over. Originated in D-Town PA. Check yo' movie listings.

2. "Samuel L'd Up" is someone who wears Kangol shit all day.
When your name becomes synonymous with gettin screwed over, then you got Samuel L'd.
by Titanium October 06, 2004
version of sausage fest, but addition of "link" acts to describe the presumed sexuality of all present males.
You show up at some spot, lookin for ass, but there's only a pile of men there. ...and these men don't seem to be in any particular hurry to leave.
by Titanium October 06, 2004
not doin shit; sloth. Originated in North PHilly.
tweleve hours on the couch.
by Titanium October 06, 2004
or "penispotatoe"; see above definitions.
If you have developed an example, please call a press conference.
by Titanium October 06, 2004
IS short for definitive. Originated in NY, no doubt.

"#3 on your touch tone, D-E-F spells def" either Tak or Ryu of Styles of Beyond...
by Titanium October 06, 2004