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A girl or slut that does freaky things all the time. She never can have enough sex. She can do every sex position imaginable and make up her own. Petey Pablo made a theme song for these women, Freek-a-Leek. They may also often have ghetto names.
Rodeesha is a Freek-a-Leek.
by TipsyMa4Lyfe June 07, 2004
an ugly mutha that made the hit song freek-a-leek
A: there go Petey Pablo!
B: oooh he ridin clean too
C: yea...i dont like that mutha fucka
by TipsyMa4Lyfe June 07, 2004
1. Where I am from, bum means a person who says or does stupid things.
2. A person who lives off the street.
1. Jackie-"What grades do you need to pass to the 8th grade?"
Deon-"You cant have too many F's"
Jackie-"So you can make straight D's and still pass??"
Deon-"OMG you are a BUM!!"

2. "look at that bum sitting on the corner holding that cardboard sign"
by TipsyMa4Lyfe April 21, 2004

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