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Crazy ass ugly muthafucka who started his career by telling north carolina to take their shirts of and spin them around their heads like a helicopter.
Petey Pablo is a crazy muthafucka.
by Earl Foote February 04, 2005
an ugly mutha that made the hit song freek-a-leek
A: there go Petey Pablo!
B: oooh he ridin clean too
C: yea...i dont like that mutha fucka
by TipsyMa4Lyfe June 07, 2004
Widely considered the greatest rapper to ever live. His song "Raise Up" has been known to inspire white kids to reach a whole new level of rowdy. Altough he is from North Carolina, his largest fan base is believed to be in Platville, WI, where he recently dethroned Will Smith as the most requested song at bars.
Morph: You WILL play that Petey Pablo now bro!

DJ: And I will
by Luke2028 July 20, 2010
extremely talented rapper with a great flow. conflicted. great albums. - fighting to save music from sellout corporate record labels.
petey pablo has the best flow in rap ever. dont forget - fighting to save music from sellout corporate record labels. thank you for your time
by aaron and pat April 12, 2005
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