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2 definitions by Timof3

An Edwardian equivalent of a CD player, which played flat black discs and powered by a spring that was wound by hand. Usually had a large sound trumpet on top to amplify the sound.
Word is used in a derogatory way when refering to (once) popular music that is out of date or old fashioned.
At a party, "I've brought my Abba CD's"
Host: "I'll wind up the gramophone"
by Timof3 March 23, 2006
Polari word for a young girl or woman. Probably derives from Italian for 'chick'. May appear with alternative spellings, e.g. palone, paloney, pollone, polone, etc.
"Varda that paloni, a bona eek!" (Look at that girl, nice face!)
by Timof3 March 24, 2006