82 definitions by Timmy

crazy messed up
Antonym:smart and successful
The Yashinskys feed their rabbits metal while Russel rapes the Rabbit
by TImmy November 16, 2003
carefully or carelessly, depending on your level of drunken-ness, weeding out bad pictures and embarrassing statuses on Facebook, like preening an already shit stained coat
Ehh, I got a few minutes... I think I'll do some facebook-preening.
by Timmy January 01, 2015
feeling xtremely good about everything, or one thing in general, something overwhelimingly awsome, awsomeness to the highest power, complete awsomeness
holy crap that is boatristic man
by Timmy February 16, 2005
A term used to suggest a stroking has taken place. To "*dx*" someone is to get the upper hand over said person.
*dx* Yer, Ner..
by Timmy February 07, 2004
when some dumbass kid thinks hes dope but is actually a straight up faggot.
"wow take a look at the titty faced woodbrown over there"
by timmy April 25, 2005
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