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The belief that the Vagina should be respected and appreciated, as well as the female body in general.
"I refuse to use and lose a girl, that goes against the principles of Pussism."
by Timmy November 24, 2002
A man who hides items, in his large anus.
potatoes and jelly were removed from his ass.
by Timmy August 01, 2003
Multi-purpose word that is used as a substitute for 'yes', but is more subtle and nuanced. It can be used as a statement, exclamation, question, interjection and more.
Statement: Did you gitsome? Yih.
Exclamation: Yih! That was awesome.
Question: Gitsome? Yih. Yih? Yih.
Interjection: Yih excuse me but did you gitsome? Yih. Yih! Yih? Yih.
by Timmy July 29, 2004
Any penetrated orfice of a sexual partner.
I'm so gonna jimmy rock your spunk hole.
by Timmy January 16, 2003
Quoted for Idiocy
Put QFI when someone just says something so stupid that you must point it out to the rest of the world
"Please don't not shot me"
"QFI now die"
by Timmy September 26, 2005
Flombie or the plural Flombies is the combination of the Flood from HALO and the Zombies from Resident Evil 4. Started at 8:55 on Feb 21st 2005 by a group of insane idiots standing in the cold before school. Greg was the first to utter the word Flombie and then the term was immortalized when Tim put Flombie 4 Life on his Intro book.
Get out the shotguns the Flombies are coming.
Just because the Flombie head is off doesn't mean it's dead.
by Timmy January 21, 2005
a car manufacturer that makes tight cars like the Stutz Blackhawk (as seen in DMX: Never Die Alone)
Damn that Stutz is tight!
by timmy July 18, 2004
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