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A game series that got stupid once it's creator got hit by a car... The Game bases around female bounty hunter Samus Aran. Which makes male players more intrested in seeing her face then anything else.

The point of almost every game is to erdicate little bug things called Metroids, which in my opinion look like bubbles with red balls, and teeth. Also fighting these half monster half cyborg aliens called, 'Space pirates..' Metroid will never get as popular as Castlevania mainly because there are only 8 games released all together.

The dumb ass fan games like MP2D don't count. However now the Metroid community is infested with nobody's that spend their time sequnce breaking the games with gameshark codes... Sadly Metroid will never amount to anything lets hope the manga is good...
"hey I finnaly beat Metroid Prime in 1 hour!!"

"Yeah and now the world is a better place? i think not get a life..."
by Timecop May 31, 2005
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