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In contradiction to the phrase "more cowbell." This expression means "tone it down a little," especially in reference to jewelry, (hair)style, cologne, etc. Too much "pimp."
Check out that dumbass walking in the door: overboard on the Armani and the gold jewelry. Less cowbell, man!
by Timbotron June 12, 2007
(adj.) Having surrendered all personal tastes and interests to the mediocre world of middle-American reality television, book clubs, and middle class consumerism. Implying someone is lacking any taste or sense of adventure beyond what is recommended on talkshows, women's magazines, and in shopping malls. This term implies: unsexy, dull, ignorant, cracker, middle class, and whitebread / white-bread.
We visited the neighbors and their home was like walking into a Pottery Barn. Man, they were so Oprah normal!
by Timbotron May 25, 2006
Hiltonfreude is a combination of the German/psychiatric term "schadenfreude" (to take pleasure in someone else's misfortune) and celebrity Paris Hilton. The term Hiltonfreude refers to taking pleasure in seeing someone of wealth and means destroy themself, usually in a very public and embarrassing way.
Television news is going Hiltonfreude on Lindsay Lohan for going to rehab.
by Timbotron June 13, 2007
(adj. n.) When members of the Generation X twenty-something cohort settle down into jobs and lives they didn't expect or want or like. The Generation X lack of ambition in your 20's becomes pathetic when in your 30's.
I was at this bar last night, it was filled with yuppies and thirty-nothings.
by Timbotron May 25, 2006
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