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A person of high cholesterol levels, which results in a high population of germ spots on the face. Caused by excessive eating (munching). This is very popular in the London-Wembley area. This can not be treated, once you have it, thats it.
U may start getting large spots all over your face/bottom/and genital areas. This is more severe for females. For More information please visit www.im-a-fat-crack-whore.co.uk
Fash: Fukinel man, ur bitch looks like amish.
Manan: shut up man, thats my mum.
by Timbaland November 03, 2003
A disease which causes severe weight loss and annoyance. It may cause neglection from others, there is no cure for this disease except death. May also cause shrinking of the male genital areas.
Manan: yo i think ive got manan,man.
Fash: oh shit man, ur fukd..
Amish: shit manan, ur so skinny (middle finger)
Asif: aha! lol
Manan: ha ha
Amish,Fash,Asif: Shut up manan! (in unison)
by Timbaland November 19, 2003

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