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3 definitions by Tim the Man

The rich white kids stay at this house at Hogwarts. They are the jokes and cool people. They kick ass in quidditch. They have bindge drinking games and wild toga parties at night. Harry Potter goes there. Also see Animal House
Toga party at Gryffindor!
by Tim the Man December 16, 2004
60 212
This is were the nerd wizards are sent. They are wicked Hebrew here. These kids are usually unathletic because they get smoked in quidditch. Usually the Jewish kids at Hogwarts.
We celebrate Hanaka and play Pokemon at Ravenclaw.
by Tim the Man December 16, 2004
76 286
The house full of punk ass kids at Hogwarts. The kids in this house are donkeys who listen to rap music. If black people went to Hogwart they would be in this house.
Yo shorty, run your wallet, your in Slytherin now bitch. I'll pop a cap in your British ass.
by Tim the Man December 16, 2004
41 354