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people that are fated to die from simple wounds because they too rubbish to accept blood transfusions
Jo Ho's are rubbish, i mean look at them!
by Tilly January 22, 2005
a typo that stupid people think means a lesser meaning of love
i lvoe you
by Tilly June 15, 2004
1.the sound made by a deer.
2.another name for a deer.
moohi is plural.
1."deers mooha", said sally.
2.watch out for all the moohi.
by Tilly December 02, 2002
an amazingly considerate and compassionate friend, protective brother, dependable, orgasmic, loving, caring; my soul mate; an angel
Everything I know of love I learned from Iky.
by Tilly May 09, 2004

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