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4 definitions by Tikaro

College micro-society ruled by Abercrombie-and-Fitch wearing, baseball-cap-packing frat boys.
“Now, restaurant fail. Children go to state college. Serious students powerless against drunken jockocracy. Baseball hats everywhere.”
by tikaro October 27, 2003
46 13
To spray one's drink out of one's nose as the result of sudden laughter.
I schnarfed my chocolate milk when the mouse ran up the lunch lady's leg.
by tikaro May 29, 2003
43 30
Soldiers, forest rangers, fisherman, and other workers who get paid in one lump sum after a long season of work become "cowboy rich" on payday. Usually connotes blowing all the money on a whoop-it-up session in town.
Those mean bastards from the Bar K ranch will be cowboy rich on Tuesday, but they'll drink all the money by Saturday night, shore 'nuff.
by Tikaro April 23, 2003
8 0
A light, high-ductile non-ferrous metal that can be used by a CAD prototyper to develop strong metal objects at the push of a button.
I stole a Ganadium slip-joint wrench from Canadian scientists in the future.
by Tikaro April 27, 2003
5 2