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Female that enjoys/craves wild uninhibited sex, and/or actions and sounds during sex that the observer would consider to be imitating a monkey.

"Me Tarzan, you Cheeta!" =0P (...if Tarzan had a thing for monkey chicks or female monkies)
"Duuude, when we were getting it on she turned into a real monkey chick!"
by Tigger_tail October 27, 2004
Derogatory slang for a person whose partner is Asian/of Asian descent and whom they consider a "trophy", "toy", or just lazy/a "user".

Said person may be either an (un)willing and/or (ub)witting participant, depending on what they perceive they are getting out of the relationship. Sometimes used as self-deprecation.
"Once I started dating/married him/her, (s)he turned me into a real rice hauler."
by Tigger_tail October 27, 2004
Racial/ethnic epithet/slur:

a) Any person who has an extreme desire to only associate with Asian or Asian descent people -- socially, sexually, etc.

b) a fetish for a certain thing, things/anything Asian.
a) "What's with him/her only wanting to be with Asians? Turned into a real rice monster."

b) "Man, he's/she's totally hooked on that (fill in term such as anime, japanamation, etc. here). Turned into a real rice monster."
by Tigger_tail October 27, 2004
Slang for Asian-Americans who speak English without an accent and who probably grew up in North America.
She's (or he's) a hot and sticky bowl of domestic rice =0P
by Tigger_tail October 27, 2004
Epithet/slur describing oral sex with a female Asian who is menstruating.

AKA "rice wing with red sauce" -- ethnic specific variation of "redwing".
"Man, I didn't know she was 'on the rag', I went to her take-out window and got an order of rice wing (with red sauce)".
by Tigger_tail October 27, 2004
Person who dislikes/hates Asian people or things Asians and expresses their opinions.
"What's he got against Asians? Dude's a real rice burner!"
by Tigger_tail October 27, 2004
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