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changing gear really really slowly

Granny = Really Slow
Shift = Shift
Brian Spilner ( the white dude ) from fast n furious in his first race
by TiggerBoy November 19, 2003
a bastardisation of grimey, which is a bastardisation of that is most pleasing

synonyms include; Street, heavy, dope , etc....
that film we just saw was Grime Time
by TiggerBoy November 19, 2003
1.)Exclamation of joy when i. Taking out two opponents at once on any FPS ii. Passing two cars in one corner on a racing game
2.) A Line From Mo' Money
1.) i. after circle strafing and decapitating two ppl on unreal tournament, Darryl yells 'pop pop two for one'
by TiggerBoy November 19, 2003

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