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Someone who is a combination of crazy tough, insanely brave, and very very crazy who is willing, and actually hoping, to step in front of a dense rubber ball that can be traveling near 100mph with nothing but a cup, helmet, stick, gloves, and thin foam chest pad.
1. I would never want to be a lacrosse goalie.

2. That guy's almost nuts enough to be a lacrosse goalie.
by Tigerlax February 03, 2008
A sport originally played by Native Americans when war wasn't brutal enough. It's a demanding sport only made fun of by people that have never tried it or tried it and couldn't handle it.

Due to the sport's early adoption by private schools in Maryland and New York, the sport has been dominated by mostly white upper class players from these areas in the past. With the spread of the sport across the country and the wide acceptance in public schools, the demographic has become a lot more diverse. California, Colorado, Texas, and Florida have all become big areas for lacrosse and a big increase in minority players including MLL standouts John Christmas, Kyle Harrison, and Chazz Woodson as well as two of the top 07 college recruits, the Bratton brothers.
Only tough, coordinated players with a good work ethic, stamina, and good field sense make good lacrosse players.
by Tigerlax February 03, 2008

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