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1. A nickname for Slidell, LA, a city 30 miles from New Orleans on the Northshore of Lake Pontchartrain. The term is derogatory towards Slidell natives & residents, but is a badge of pride for the Slidellians themselves who feel that a proclivity towards belligerence and sluttiness is something that should be revered and presented as the cornerstone of the Slidell community.

2. A sexual position involving a crablike stance for both partners. Not to be confused with the cajun crippler, the bayou bridge, the Scuttlebutt Syndyasmian, or the Slidell See-Saw.
1. I told her dad I was from The Dirty Dell, it was the first time I've ever seen someone engulfed by fear, disgust, and complete enchantment simultaneously.

2. Last night I game Emily The Dirty Dell, she liked it so much she invited Christina over to join us tonight.
by TigerBait June 30, 2009
The ultimate slut; a woman who will proceed with sexual intentions, regardless of the conscious state of her prey.
I got attacked by a dick tiger last night... The last thing I remember was this slut trying to come into the bathroom with me. I woke up with herpes.
by tigerbait September 02, 2012
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