72 definitions by Tiffany

someone to annoy, fuck, and get presents from
umm... boyfriends are good to have when you're bored
by Tiffany November 29, 2003
useful when someone is complianing about a phenomenon almost every other human in the world has to endure.
A: Ah, man, I hate work!
B: Dude, take a number.
by tiffany October 15, 2004
Japanese term for stupid.
You so stupeh dude.
by tiffany July 19, 2003
the womans dressing was crushe.
by tiffany February 20, 2005
beautiful, and fuckable at the same time.
You're beautifuk girl, holler at me
by Tiffany November 01, 2002
Means to steal money from your mother or father to pay back a friend for money you owe them. not really sure how this one started...when tiffany and paige are hyper...weird slangs are born
paige go rob the bob because you owe me 20 bucks
by Tiffany July 04, 2004
hell ya, your right!
brownies are so bomb!
fo shodo
by tiffany January 18, 2004
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