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The weekday in which SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.) releases new media content on their PSN (Playstation Network) Store for (PS3 and PC for PSP).
Need to get online with my PS3; today is PSN Thursday and I believe the new ??? demo came out today!
by Thwip February 08, 2008
An online gamer who enjoys talking smack over the headset in an attempt to belittle or intimidate other users. Unfortunately the gamer in question is most often unable (or unwilling) to "back-up" their words with potential action and is therefore referred to as a "Headset Hero"

In other words: The "Headset Hero" is a gamer who will talk like a tough guy on the headset when his anonymous words will likely lead to no repercussions; however in person they are likely the opposite of the persona represented online.

The defined gamer is often easily identified by their prepubescent voice or lack of verbal skills.
Gamer 1 - "I could kick your ass...your such a pussy...you stupid mother...etc, etc. etc."
Gamer 2 - "What a fucking Headset Hero...shut the fuck up man!"
by Thwip February 20, 2008
An onomatopoeia for the sound Spider-man's web shooters make when expelling webbing. Invented and Trademarked by Marvel Comics.
Spider-man's webbing struck the wall..."Thwip"; as he swung from building to building.
by Thwip February 08, 2008

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