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Blackwater Assassin co. is a company that employs many assassins, and families of assassins, to do their biddings. Blackwater has been around for generations, even dating back to the Victorian times. This deadly company will not stop until their objectives have been completed. They get the information on their target, and assign the target an assassin. They then reveal the information to the assassin at hand, and then give him the "green light" to go ahead and do his job. Blackwater prides itself on its secrecy in remaining discreet and anonymous, even though its assassins cannot stop talking about it constantly to their friends on-line. In most cases, Blackwater's assassins are all around us. Even your mom could be one. SO WATCH OUT.
Guy 1: Bro, I was in a chat-room and got threated by someone. I took it lightly until he said he was an assassin.

Guy 2: An assassin, he must be from Blackwater Assassin co.
by ThunderCock69 March 03, 2010
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