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A pun on "The University of Michigan" intended to identify Macomb Community College, which is currently established on Michigan State Highway 59.
Student 1: Hey, I'm going to Michigan State for college dude, where are you going?
Student 2: U of M-59.
Student 1: Ahhh the Wolverines... nice.
Student 2: Errr, you're referring to the U of M. And we're the Monarchs (as in butterflies) by the way.
by Thunder from down under April 07, 2009
A guy that is cool, classy and goes out of his way to being absolutely awesome.
He is always that guy who fits right in the crowd like a ninja,
Everyone just regrets him as a nobody.
Lyff: *Walking on the street*
Passer-by: Man, that guy is so lyff.
by Thunder From Down Under January 05, 2014
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