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An anal slurpee is when during the course of anal intercourse you urinate in someones anus.... After which you take in a spooned slurpee straw and insert it into the anus...With the spoon end of the straw in the anus you scrape fecal matter off of the colon walls and miz it around with the urine and *sllllllluuuuuuuurrrrrrrpppppp* Drink it up while its nice and slushy
Dude, That anal slurpee was better then the new mountain dew slurpee
by ThreeGNinja April 10, 2005
As per The Dedication but in addition to shoving his dick in the girls ass, he punches her in the head.
" Dude, since you gave your gf The Dedication on my birthday, I gave my GF The Dedication Plus on yours"
by ThreeGNinja April 18, 2006
this is what a female tells a male when he wants to have sex with her but she doesnt want to have sex with him
Jack wanted Jill, but she just wanted to stay "just good friends"
by ThreeGNinja July 12, 2004
When having sex in the doggystyle position the male pulls out and declares in his most manly voice "This is for <insert best friends name here>" When the girl ask who <Friends name is>, the male shoves his penis into her butt.
"Dude, it was your b-day so I gave my GF The Dedication, in your name"
by ThreeGNinja April 18, 2006

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