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n. a person who abuses the word 'lowkey'.

Uses the word 'lowkey' in EVERY sentence (or every other) and most of the times it doesn't even make damn sense.
Tony: Damn foo, I really want a sandwich right about now.

Daniel: Lowkey, I just ate one like 5 minutes ago, so I'm not hungry."

Sammy: Dude, that doesn't even make sense. Quit being a lowkey junkie.

Daniel: I'm lowkey sorry...

Sammy & Tony: *face palm*
#lowkey #junkie #lowkeyjunkie #lowkeyer #your mom
by ThisFoo July 20, 2011
A clap that is done to belittle and make fun of someone.
Usually done very slowly; 1 second or more between each clap.
Guy 1: Hey what did Mr. Peach do when you read your essay in front of the class?

Guy 2: He started sarcastic clapping, that asshole.
#sacastic #golf clap #clap #pity #sarcastic
by ThisFoo December 30, 2010
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