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4 definitions by ThingFish

The Duke of Prunes
The greatest musician in modern history. Everybody should have at home at least one of his album.
by ThingFish November 01, 2003
prison or jail
he spent the last few months in the clink
by thingfish August 04, 2003
in italian: "I got a big bunch of dick".
Famous for the homonymous song from the album "Uncle Meat" by Frank Zappa.
Tengo na minchia tanta, stronzo!
by ThingFish October 17, 2003
Put some effort into it!
At the football, a fan remonstrates a player who he feels is not applying himself dutifully for the amelioration of the team's performance :

"Haw you fuckin' bassa, gonnae gie it a bit pundie, eh, no?"
by Thingfish March 17, 2004