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when one smacks someone else on the back of the head like Agent Gibbs does on NCIS. Usually done to Agent DiNozzo
DiNozzo said something stupid then Gibbs gibbs-smacked him on the back of the head
by they call me fluffy March 19, 2010
Someone who plays Dungeons and Dragons, but doesn't seem like the sort of person that you would expect to play.
Jeff smokes pot like a chimney while we're playing D&D, he's such a D&D misfit.
by they call me fluffy March 20, 2010
Something that is somewhat or slightly British
He sounded like an American trying to pretend to be British; he sounded Britishish
by they call me fluffy September 30, 2010
Get the fuck off Facebook. Gtfofb Can be used in multiple contexts. You can say it to someone who is on Facebook but should be studying, or you can say it to someone who has no business being on Facebook such as a 7 year old or a Twilight fan.
Bob- I should def be studying for my final
Tom- Then gtfofb ya douche

Sally- I love Justin Bieber, Barbies and Twilight!
Jose- Gtfofb you 7 year old
by they call me fluffy November 07, 2010
When the person who lived in your apartment before you moved in keeps the key then comes back shortly after you move in and steals small items of seemingly little consequence such as a pair of socks, camera memory card, package of hotdogs, or a pocket knife when plenty of things of much greater value are lying around. They may also leave a telltale sign that something is amiss such as leaving the light switch on, but turning the lamp off.
Aaron: Hey, Emily, were you in my room at all today?
Emily: Nope, why?
Aaron: Cuz someone turned off my lamp, but not the light and my camera memory cards are missing.
Emily: Darn previous tenant mischief
by they call me fluffy March 20, 2010
The best page on facebook, home to geeks, nerds, and other outcasts. New photos are uploaded everyday by the author and the fans.
Person 1- What the random. is hilarious, the photos he posts every day are great.
Person 2- Yeah, but the last photo is always some creepy black and white shot.
by They Call Me Fluffy June 04, 2011
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