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Shut-the-fuck-up sex. Extremely limited talking during or after sex.
There's only 3 things I want to hear come out of your mouth.

1. "Oh my God"!
2. My first name.
3. "Breakfast is ready."

Otherwise, shut the fuck up. (STFU sex)
by Thew May 21, 2006
Swallowing the male ejaculation without missing a drop.
I washed and waxed my girlfriend's car yesterday. After that, she was more than willing to take my tonsil glaze.
by Thew May 20, 2005
A joint, a spliff, a fattie, Mary Jane.
Back in the day, my buds and I would head to Virginia for a 12-pack and hit the backroads, fire up a few Martian crayons, put in some Motley Cure tunes and sing to the top of our lungs while we ate Double-stuff Oreos and Nacho Cheese Doritos.
by Thew April 21, 2006
Moisture that appears through the cracks on a road surface after a rainfall. Primarily referenced in NASCAR and other forms of motorsports.
Dude, WTF? The track is totally dry. Why don't they start qualifying?

Not yet, man... there's weepers all around the track.
by Thew October 24, 2008
A term, widely used in the NASCAR community to describe the rumor(s) on which driver may or may not be leaving his current team for another team and the end of his contract. This normally takes place around the 1/2 way point of the season.
"Hey, Scooter... did you hear that Dale Jarrett might be leaving RYR to drive for Michael Waltrip? And he'll drive a Toyota??"

"Yep... Silly Season is starting early this year."
by Thew May 11, 2006

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