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The most complete and utter weapon of destruction in literary history. A beam of pure energy that is channeled by a person weilding the "One Power". It slightly affects time by erasing the target's actions up to a certain point depending on the amount of power behind it.
Balefire is the most dreaded "weave" in "The Wheel of Time" series.
Person 1:
"Dude, Rand just blasted all of the other wizard-magic user type characters in all of fiction into none-existence with a flow of Balefire as big around as a house!"

Person 2:
"Yeah, I guess Luke and Gandalf didn't know when to shut the fuck up!"

Person 1:
"Who?....I seem to remember those names briefly?"

Person 2:
"Yeah something about somebody with a pointy hat, and another with some green thing, oh well, must not be important."
by TheGhostfire February 08, 2008
1: A worthless patch of sand in the middle east region of planet earth. Inhabited by cattle, some of whom who wander around aimlessly until they find something to blow up. Other inhabitants wander around for their whole lives wondering why their lives suck. The Americans tried to liberate the Iraqi people from a cruel dictator, but the natives just stood around afterward screaming
"lelelelelelelele" and blowing things up, others just stood around wondering where "Pappy Saddam" went and why their lives suck.

2. A word that can ignite a liberal into a violent rage where he/she screams wildly "injustice, oil, rednecks" and various other terms

3. A hotbed of terrorist activity and unrest.

4. A military staging ground for the future confrontation with Iran.

5. A roach trap where the American military is a proxy for the citizens of America, diverting terrorist' attention away from plotting distruction in America.
1.Iraqi citizen: "durka durka...ooh bomb"....kaaboom!, "Saddam is an evil dictator....oh you desroyed his regime? I hate you filthy American! lelelelelele" Kaaabooom!

by Theghostfire March 07, 2008

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