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A sort of hair style worn by many male youtube stars including: Fred, the guys from "Smosh", Shane Dawson, The guys from "AwesomeForum", Charlie McDonnell, DaveDays and makemebad35 just to name a few. This bowl cut hair style allows the user to become incredibly famous in a very short span of time.
Mike: I made this new channel, and i need a way to get views.

Ricky: I have an idea! Grow meme hair!
by ThebandsIlistenTo January 03, 2010
To slam ones back repeatedly using the palms of the hands. This practice is usually done in a rhythmic movement, modeling the sorts of blast beats performed by grindcore bands.
Mike: HEY RICKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (otherwise known as, "I want to Grindcore your back")

by ThebandsIlistenTo December 27, 2009
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