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internet slang posted in reply to topics on internet threads.
literally means pics or shut the fuck up.
if someone sounds like they're bullshitting, you ask for picture evidence or tell them to stop lying.
anon:My mum just became an astronaught and went around the world yesterday.

anon1:pics or stfu
by The_Flea September 17, 2008
1.A name given to someone who spends their days lurking the pages of 4chan /b/ and encyclopedia dramatica searching for serious lulz.

2.A dinosaur who appears at moments of particular hilarity, points and laughs at the situation/joke, then disappears again.
so+so: Dude, you should get a life, all you do i sit in front of the computer all day.

Lzrsrs:Ya, but i am funny.

so+so:True, i take it back.
Person:Look at that monkey! lol wtf!?

Person2:hahah, enter the lulzorasaurus!
by The_Flea September 13, 2008
when someone accidentally scrapes the rims of their car on the curb by parking too close to the pavement scratching the rims.
Gives the impression that a creature has come and scratched or chewed at the wheels of their car.
Alex: Looks like the curbosaurus has been at that vectra.


Alex:The curbosaurus. You know, the dinosaur that comes and scratches your rims as punishment for parking too close to the pavement.

Wes:I see.
by The_Flea September 13, 2008

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