Crack usually mixed with beans and spices to give give it a spicy flavor.
Drug Dealer: Wanna buy some crack?
Crack Addict: Sorry man I only use Mexican Crack.
by TheWindSoldier April 11, 2010
The product after mixing cocaine, baking soda and a few drops of water, spread equally on a neat and square piece of foil, about the size of an old vinyl record cover. See also, freebasing, foilies.
Daniel: "Hold up Tyrone, me and Juan, gonna finish the rest of this here 'Mexican Crack' before we go."

Fabric: "Do what the fuck you do, S-A's."
S-A: orignating from the slang word 'ese.' Used by Latinos. Afro americans from urban areas, mainly from Texas, use this term to describe Latinos.
by Thefreebasexxpert March 06, 2010

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