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French Moroccan Jewish male, 16-25 years of age. Bros tend to be seen driving their mom's white BMW, wearing pink V-neck shirts, $200 Ed Hardy belts and ridiculously expensive jeans. In addition, many younger bros enjoy sporting the current hairstyle known as the "Brohawk".

Bros often prefer to hang out, or "chill", in large packs consisting of 6-12 males, but may include 3 or less females known as Bro Hoes.

Historic distribution of Wild Bros included large North American cities such as Detroit, Toronto, and West Philadelphia. However, due to an increase in the illegal Canadian tablecloth trade, the Wild Bro population has changed drastically in recent years, and has moved to cities including Montreal an the Mexican capital of Los Angeles.

Bros live for 17-28 years in the wild, while in captivity they can live longer than 30 years. In the wild, Bros seldom live longer than 20 years, as injuries sustained from continual fighting, or starting "beef", with rival Bros greatly reduces their longevity.

In 2007, Michael Bensassoun suceeded his father, Shalom Bensassoun, as Bro King. King Michael and his wife, Audrey, currently reside in the de facto Bro capital of Hampstead.

In addition to their hardcore way of life, Bros also have a distinctive dialect very similar to that of the English language. Ex:
Benjamin: Yo bro-bro, that party last night was intense. Them bitches like legit wanted to suck our dicks an' shit.

Evan: Bro, like legit, bro. But those Cambodians fags totally tried to start beef wit' us

Benjamin: Bro, I scared them Chinkies away wit' my mad boarding skillz.
Evan: Ye bro, nobody fucks wit' da B-Man!
by TheWhiteDragons August 21, 2010

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