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Pausing the DVD when a sexy female is exposing some area of her chest, in order for a man to have some material to masturbate over. Usually when she's leaning over a car bonnet or picking something up off the floor.
Dude 1: Mate you coming to the pub later?
Dude 2: Nah man, Tramsformers is on later and I'm gonna paedo pause on Megan Fox!
Dude 1: Oh shit, that's tonight? I'll cancel.
by TheUrbanDuckling January 11, 2012
The fear of awkward moments. People usually develop this as a result of a teacher or boss saying/doing something accidentally inappropriate, causing all observing students to be awkwardly scarred.

Often a vicious circle, as 'I think I have awkwardmophobia' usually leads to a long awkward silence among friends.
Teacher: I won't be here Tuesday, class. I have to drill some holes in my bedroom.
Dude 2: Oh shit, think I peed my pants. Stupid awkwardmophobia.
by TheUrbanDuckling January 12, 2012
The act of pretending to text whilst secretly attempting to take a hilarious picture of another student or teacher, resulting in a long period of outrageous laughing between you and your colleagues.
Dude 1: Oh my god, dude, did you see this pic I got of Charlotte?

Dude 2: HAHA! You ninja snapped her to hell!
by theurbanduckling January 11, 2012
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