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A classification of fart that is so bad that it may very well be a weapon of mass destruction (WMD). Types of Ass Bombs include but are not limited to:

Nuclear Fart- Extremely loud and can fill a room in seconds. If you hear one hide under your desk in the fetal position to minimize bodily harm.

Silent But Deadly (SBD)- As the name suggest, this comes with a silencer. The range is randomized but either way your are screwed. Great for a farting gift.

The Biochem- The best part about this one is it stays in one area at a certain altitude.

The ASSassin- Get it? Ass? Anyway at the expense of only being affective at pointblank, this can clean metal.
Dude 1: Dude I thought we made a truse!!

Dude 2: What are you talking about?

Dude 1: Stop shooting your ass bombs at me!!!!
by TheTypoPoopcicle May 30, 2009
1. A mental consept that is used in determining what is right and wrong, safe and dangerous, etc.

2. A form of knowledge used by a, now currently extinct, species of human known as Intelligent Individuals (or smart peoplez).
1. Dumbass: "Dude! I tried lighting a Black Cat in my ass and now I can't sit anymore..."

Friend: "What the fuck did you think would happen, dumbass! Use your common sense!"

2.(conversation cont.) Dumbass: "What's common sense?"
by TheTypoPoopcicle May 15, 2009
When you force a person to swallow three fresh ass logs at once in an attempt to make them puke and possible infect them with something. This will only work if said person is someone from Urban Dictionary has posted one or more definitions (rejected or not) that involve consuming feces with possible rough anal sex, otherwise it is just torture.
Seriously people... stop posting disgusting shit on Urban Dictionary! If you are trying to get some form of recognition for something then get your damn facts straight and post a REAL sex position WITH REFERENCES! UD is for ALL audiences not just for you sick little cunts!

sick fuck upchuck
by TheTypoPoopcicle May 31, 2009
An uppity race of pointy-earred, tree hugging, green wearing, arrow spamming, cookie making faggots that makes an appearance in every medieval fantasy media ever made.

The Elven race, whose members remain within nomadic tribes (or clans), can usually be found in rich forests untouched by general civilization. Due to their naturally long life spans, Elves have centuries to perfect their craft, giving them the right to be 1-upping assholes.

Everything from architecture and cooking to some of the most petty tasks imaginable have been perfected by this race who pass their perfect everythings to their spawn where said abominations perfect it further or seek out their own path to perfection.

Their culture is rich and exclusive, so much so that the general mentality is: If you are not an elf or part of the clan, you are a lowly piece of shit and therefore, fuck you. We are also better than you in every way so if you are not going suffer through the extensive hazing we will provide (if we care to even do it), then you'de best fuck off or we'll kill you.

Aside from that, these assholes have pretty good music and bread.
God forbid you outdo an elf!
by TheTypoPoopcicle November 22, 2014

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