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A)The envy of all men!
B)The only reason women keep us around.
C)The reason we wake up with black eyes, and are sitting in county jail.
D)The reason I never got my homework done.
A)"Damn my penis is large, maybe I should go buy a Ferrari."
B)"Damn your penis is large...(I've never really heard this, so I dont know what comes next)."
C)"Damn my penis is large, maybe I should get too drunk and fight."
D)"Damn my penis is large, maybe I should not do my homework because my penis will definitely get me a good job when I'm older...right?"
by TheSheriff June 17, 2004
Wife beater (a.k.a. tank top)
The Mexican took a break from picking lettuce and took off hit vato single buttoned (at the top) flannel shirt, exposing his tank top. At that point his wife approached him about his distinctive odor. The Mexican realized the perdicament he was in and slapped the woman followed by a loud "¡Puta, es bueno!" (BITCH, BE GOOD)
by TheSheriff March 08, 2005

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