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having an easily aroused and uncontrollable boner. usually happens a lot when you're adolescent teenager. all men can have it though at anytime.

also see N.R.B.
Guy #1: Why are you covering your crouch with your notebook?
Guy #2: Because man, I'm still in the red!

Guy #1: Aww man, Jen's coming down the hall.
Guy #2: Ah, shit! I'm gonna be in the red til the end of school!
by thephantomplatypus September 24, 2009
to be from a place that's hardcore or where hardcore partying goes down.

used a lot in rap lyrics, usually referring the South. Can also be spelled as Derty or Derrty.
Man #1: Where you from dawg?
Man #2: I'm from the dirty. I'm from the derty, derty!

Nelly: Derrty E-N-T, we all we got!

Lil Wayne: I'm from the dirty and I make it rain, damn that's muddy...
by ThePhantomPlatypus September 10, 2009

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