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4 definitions by TheLaughingSam

Extreme Climbing, usually partaken by Climbing Enthusiasts when regular climbing fails to excite them
'Hey lads, shall we go Xlimbing?'
by TheLaughingSam September 08, 2006
78 17
Noun, Singular. Used to refer to two people or more (at even integers) who constantly do 'coupley' activities and seem to forget other people exist. Term can be used affectionally or as a slur
'Who's coming to the party?'
'Oh, Ted, Fred...and the Couple Monster'
by TheLaughingSam September 08, 2006
22 1
A collection of trolls
Look at that Trolly over there
by TheLaughingSam September 08, 2006
6 7
Verb. In a contest of any sort, this is used when one party is almost flawlessly victorious over the other
You got Tranced
I absolutely tranced you
I'm gonna trance you
by TheLaughingSam September 09, 2006
9 42