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A band made up of three brothers, Kevin, Joe and Nick.
Alot of people hate them, but alot of people love them.
They write all of their own songs and are known for being christian and wearing purity rings. Their fanbase is 90% made up of 13-19 year old girls and they are one of the most well known bands going. Nick Jonas has done a side project with a band which was called 'Nick Jonas and the Administration' and himself and Joe have both performed on broadway. They do NOT lipsync and they play their own instruments. They are thought of as a band from disney channel when really they were a band for years before they signed with disney. They currently have 4 albums (as of 2010) and Nick has 2 solo albums also. They deserve more respect than they are given and most people who dislike them don't know many of their songs or anything about them.
Person #1. Did you hear the new Jonas Brothers song?

Person #2. Yeah it's really catchy i love the chorus!
by TheKooooks August 25, 2010

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