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1 definition by TheKingofKong24

The cream of the crop some like to say. Oliver Ames High students thrive in academics, most pass MCAS, and succeed greatly in athletics- minus the football team. The school is populated with mainly whites but every year becomes more diverse. The kids in this town are looked at as punks, lowlifes, or the classic "goodie two shoes" but in retrospect are sophisticated, stylish, and know how to have a good time. This towns rival, Stoughton, a town consisted mainly of ethnicities other than whites that are horrendous at nearly every sport except basketball. Oliver Ames High's teachers are relatively young and most make the class a desirable place allowing the students to use there ipods. Overall it is a school of excellence in both athletic and academic ways. Thank you.
A: Wow! you got into Northeastern?? You must have went to a smart school!

B: I went to Oliver Ames High School my friend.
by TheKingofKong24 February 19, 2011