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(noun) Someone who is sketchy to the point that you would not be surprised to see them on an episode of Dateline NBC's To Catch A Predator.

(adj) To be skeevy to the point that people think you are on a first-name basis with Chris Hansen.
I was going to move in to that apartment, but the neighbors were more than a little TCAP.
by TheGreatGeekOfBoston September 02, 2010
An acronym for "bank-in-a-box." Also known as an automated teller machine, or an ATM. The term BIB (pronounced same as those things that go around a baby's neck to keep food off them, not spelled out ) was created due to its curiously British sounding tone while being an entirely American creation from the Boston, MA area. (Though some may argue that this still basically does make it British.)
Some friends are walking into a bar. One turns to the other and says, "I need some cash. Hold up a second, I'm gonna hit up the BIB."
by TheGreatGeekOfBoston November 17, 2009
Similar to how a glass jaw is when a fighter can't take even the tiniest hit to the head without falling, this is when someone can't even be lovingly teased without it becoming the deepest insult they have received in their lives and going into complete wangst mode.
When my diminutive sister showed me her 80's Halloween costume, I complimented the great costume, but couldn't help but tease about how the big bangs made her almost normal height. She spent the next hour crying about how ugly she and her costume are and what a jerk I am. What a glass ego.
by TheGreatGeekofBoston November 15, 2010

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