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5 definitions by TheGoldenDancer

A sexual deviant that often has sex with a freak that doesn't care where he sticks his dick as long as it is a hole (the stuchle). The stucle fucker, stuchle, and a third freak (often a 400 lb women or a tranny) will have three somes while the stuchle fucker is passed out or drunk.
stuchle: You want to take shots of Jim Beam and have sex with the coke dealing she-male downstairs?

guy: What do you think I am? A stuchle fucker?
by TheGoldenDancer February 15, 2010
To use a magazine to hold blood, feces, and semen. Then to paint a red, brown, and white portrait on your cell mate's chest.
I became a true prison artist the day I ate enough blue fruit roll-ups to paint an American flag on Robbie's chest.
by TheGoldenDancer February 18, 2010
A part of the male anatomy used as a vagina.
Being a homosexual, the stuchle must make due with what he's got so he used his partner's shoulder blade as a stuch cooch.
by TheGoldenDancer February 17, 2010
A game played by two males who need to urinate. The object of the game is to thurst your dick against the other player's dick, the loser is the player that urinates first.
guy1: Why is Drew's shirt all wet?

guy2: Because he just won a game of peebumpers with Peet.
by TheGoldenDancer February 11, 2010
To grind up dry opium poppy pods then shove the ground-up pods up one's dick hole. As the sharp pods and blood mix in the pee hole, the receiver gets high.
My dick vein collasped from shooting dope into it, now I have to do pods in a pee to get high.
by TheGoldenDancer February 18, 2010