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2 definitions by TheGigglyStreetGang

Vicious reptilian beasts Roams school hallways, feasting upon the innards of unsuspecting innocents. Due to the laws of shirt-butt physics, a dinosaur-kid's shirt never touches his butt. Although as a child he assumes a bent over position, the adults become much more crouchy and bent. Dinosaur-Kids all have little wee-bits of hair sticking out of the top of the headular area.
Due to popular demand, there has been a decline in the dinosaur kid population.
Dinosaur kids make a "Reigh" sound, while quickly flopping their hands around and moving their head and chest in a circular motion.
Charles was a good guy, it's too bad he was caught by those vicious dinosaur-kids
by TheGigglyStreetGang July 02, 2010
A polite way of saying that somebody is a homosexual or "fag".
If you happen to start to call somebody a "fag" and then realize you would only get glares and silence in return, you can resort to saying fast simmer, if you have not pronounced the "G".
Aw, Tyler? He's such a Fa-a-a-sst swimmer...

Adam's coming over? Isn't he a Fast Swimmer? Not that there's anything wrong with that...
by TheGigglyStreetGang July 21, 2010