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The act of dicking around on Facebook for extended periods of time.
"I finally made it out of the house today after the 18 hours of facebookery this afternoon."
by TheEvilHammer February 22, 2010
having to take a dump; carrying around feces that is ready to be expelled; needing a bowel movement
Dude step on the gas! I'm hauling bricks over here!
by TheEvilHammer October 24, 2010
to repeatedly stagger left and right while walking forward as if you're on an invisible slalom course; usually the result of excessive alcohol consumption
"Man, I got so fucking shitfaced last night that I was slaloming the entire 45-minute walk home!"
by TheEvilHammer October 20, 2011
Acronym for "Universal Party Time", which is 11:30 PM in your local time zone.
"It's UPT, so drink up, bitches!"
by TheEvilHammer March 14, 2010
(v.) when a gay (and usually drunk) man gropes a straight man in a desperate attempt to gain his affection
Mark got wasted at the club last night and magooed me! Again!
by TheEvilHammer December 02, 2010

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