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4 definitions by TheDictionKing

The University of Wisconsin Madison is a public university in Madison, WI. It is generally known for its excellent Engineering and Business Programs, both of which are rated highly by both the Princeton Review and US News. UW-Madison also has excellent science programs, including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. It is the flagship school of the UW system, as it usually refers to itself as "Wisconsin" (see wisc.edu, or the newly named "Wisconsin School of Business) and generally bashed by those who cannot get in. With its student population of roughly 41,000, it is one of the largest public universities in the US. The campus is located in downtown Madison, bordering Lake Mendota. Home to such progressives as Robert La Follette, and also due to its vast number of protests in the Vietnam War era, the city, including the university, has gained a reputation as being a hotbed of liberalism, which makes it a very awesome place. All in all, its a "public ivy", and thus you have to work very hard, but actually get a degree thats worth something. Also, there is a bit of partying between the constant barrage of papers and tests, thus giving Madison its legendary status.
Person A: "The University of Wisconsin Madison is a really shitty school"
Person B: "You're just saying that because you couldn't get into Madison."
Person A: "No i'm not"
(Day before)
Person A: "Oh, I got a rejection letter from Madison. Well, it looks like i'm going to Parkside."

(New Student at Madison)
New Student: "What the f**k is that thing?"
Not Noob: "That is Mosse Humanities. The most polarizing building on campus."
New Student: "Doesn't it look like a futuristic fortress from a 1960's film?"
Not Noob: "Yes, yes it does."

"Yay, I got a Business or Engineering degree from UW. I'm going to be very rich/powerful very soon. Bow."
by TheDictionKing January 02, 2008
Originating from the BMW 2002, the 3 series has set the standard for sports sedan category, and remains to be an excellent machine today. Many other companies have made cars that can compete, but BMW still provides the best driving experience hands down, and regularly wins in comparisons against the competition. Although near the entry level for BMW, a stripped 335 convertible will be at least $50,000. Also known for being hated on by those who cannot afford it, similar to most other expensive foreign cars. But, as an owner, I would highly recommend this car to everyone, as its quite fast, gets amazing gas mileage, and in 5 years of ownership, I have yet to do anything besides routine maintenance.
Hater: "Wow, you have a BMW, you must be a total asshole!"
BMW Driver: "Don't be angry because your car is a pile - rather, you should judge people on their personality, rather than superficial traits or items"
Hater: "Dick!"
BMW Driver: "Ah, well, its not my fault you're an idiot"

Person 1: "I've been looking at the BMW 3 series - i've heard that they're an amazing car"
BMW Driver: "Yeah, they look amazing, drive great, get amazing gas mileage, and have an amazing maintenance plan - BMW will play for anything for the first four years"
Person 1: "Damn, that sure beats my American POS thats been to the shop five times in the first year of ownership, is ugly, and gets terrible mileage"
by TheDictionKing May 28, 2009
a generally very hot, happy person who knows how to party and has a lot of sex. Is often hated on by people from surrounding schools that aren't ranked as high, such as Minnesota and, as previously stated, Iowa. Don't be angry because you had to go to your safety school. But yeah, they have a pretty amazing time in college, work hard, and do well. After they graduate, they generally get a sweet ass job and live the life. So yeah, being a badger is pretty amazing - you should try it some time - i'd highly recommend it!
Apparently a Hawkeye? - "I hate those fucking Wisconsin badgers, so i'm going to stereotype them as being large, overweight losers, as i've probably never actually been to Madison before...."
Badger - "gee, have you been around Iowa lately? Must say, rural areas in Wisconsin and Iowa are not generally that far apart, except that Iowa seems to have far fewer people due to their citizen's generally agrarian lifestyle"

I must note that it seems odd to get bashed by a Hawkeye, usually our rival is Minnesota......but, don't be jealous, that just makes you look desperate

just thought i'd throw this in, given that it is generally how the Badgers are insulted......

Minnesota student: "the badgers *random baseless insult that is very stereotyped, rabble, rabble, rabble*"
Wisconsin Student" "umm, yeah, that doesn't make you sound like a complete moron and a five year old at all, you know"
by TheDictionKing May 26, 2009
A pity ticket is given out in an arcade. When you lose a game, the machine gives you a single ticket for trying. This is a pity ticket.
Wow, Steve totally sucks at Smokin' Token. He totally missed the target and got the single pity ticket for losing.

Geez, I'm really terrible at arcade games. I totally rock my 20 pity tickets! (after spending $50)
by TheDictionKing June 30, 2008