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2 definitions by The squad

A Phrase used to convey utter and complete truthfulness to a declaration, or approve statements made by the user or people involved in the convo.
"So shorty got ass ? Stamp that..."

In this context, the phrase is used to request confirmation of the statement.

"The trip to Vegas is definitely goin down this summer, Stamp That"

At this time, each member of the conversation makes the decision on whether or not to 'stamp' the statment, thereby giving their approval.

When reserved for serious statements, this phrase gives them extra credibility.

"The Detroit Pistons are going to win the finals, you can Stamp that.."

This is a declaration made by the user to illustrate his confidence in the statement.

by The Squad May 13, 2006
Slang, for a grade-A handjob from the opposite sex. Usually given by females who think they're too good to give head, or not good enough at it.
"Ay yo she was on her period, so she gave me the jack daniels.."

"If she ain't tryna give no head i'mma definitely get the jack daniels at least."

"You see her braces ? I'mma play it safe and just take the jack daniels"
by The Squad May 13, 2006