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The very profound character in the Gmod Idiot Box made by DasBoShitte on Youtube. He is known as the man who hurts or/and kills any hackers for any type of videogames. His number one "HAAAAAAAAAAAX" victim is Chuckles the Cheat. He also functions as the PC in the Idiot Box. In his spare time he is an extreme boat rider.


*Chuckles dies*
by The one above all December 25, 2009
One of the few places in the world where one can actually live in peace.
I love living in Athens.
by The one above all December 24, 2009
One of the best Youtube series there are out there. It is made by DasBoShitte.

Main Characters:

Dr. Hax: The profound and crazy doctor of the show who destroys all hackers of any kind.

Chuckles: He is the one, at the beginning of the show, to cheat the most, thus becoming Dr. Hax's #1 target. He later strays away from his cheatful ways.

G man: The lawyer guy that everybody should know about.

Lois: A main character in Left4Dead, he is highly obsessed with pills and will do anything for them

Francis: Another Left4Dead character. He hates Lois and is very obnoxious. He is part of the show "Everybody Loves Francis".

There are more that are unnamed or from Left4Dead too!
This series is VERY worth seeing!
A quote from the Gmod Idiot Box:

G Man: I want Breakfast.

Man behind counter: Well...I'm really sorry

G Man:......Well, I'm really sorry *pulling out gun* t-

Random Man: HE'S GOTTA GUN!


G Man: HEY, hey, it's okay, alright, just, just sit down, now ya gotta have your vegetables, vitamins and whatno-
*Gun starts shooting randomly everywhere*

G Man: IT'S AN ACCIDENT, It's an accident, the trigger, it's sensitive, it's sen...si....tive.....*looks at everybody dead*

G Man: Ummmm, can I have my breakfast now?

Headless man behind counter: *flicks him off*
by The one above all December 25, 2009
A cat who has been boarded or trapped on something (originally a boat), and thus dies of starvation or thirst in that area.
Child: What the hell? Mooooooooooooooooom. Our cat's dead in the trunk!

Father: THAT'S what that horrid smell is!

Mother: Damn it, that fleet cat's gotta go then.
by The one above all February 01, 2010
Unicorned (verb)--the process of being impaled in some way by a unicorn, usually the horn on its head. There is no proof that this can be done since no-one has ever seen one of these in the first place.
Officer: Your Mom and Dad was recently unicorned yesterday while trying to find the land of unicorns...thus, they had entrusted you everything they had in their will.

by The one above all December 20, 2009

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